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Index Of All Programs

Catechetical Programs

Goosechase: 3 Days Of Observation At The Annunciation Hermitage

In this 45 Minute Beautiful Documentary Movie, You Will Learn About The Russian Orthodox Hermitage & Also Learn How To Live and Pray; Especially If You Are Home-bound.

Discourse On The Nativity Of Christ

This is one of the best Christmas Homilies you will ever read, it is by St. Gregory Thaumaturgus or his short name, St. Gregory The Miracle Worker

The Holy and Righteous John Of Kronstadt Vision Of 1901

This vision goes with what St. Hildegard Von Bingen.  In this vision, it is spot on to what would come about; the changes and destruction of the Liturgy, the martyrdom of the Tsar and his family and spot on with Hildegard Von Bingen on the Antichrist.

The Apostles Of The Rocky Mountains Part One and Part Two

In these two programs, you will learn of a true Jesuit and Holy Priest, who brought the Catholic Faith to the numerous Native American Tribes Across The Rocky Mountains.

Servant Of God Father Leo Heinrichs OFM Martyr

Another Saint Of The Rocky Mountains and of Denver Colorado, was murdered during Holy Mass while giving Holy Communion at the Communion Rail.

The Antichrists Within

We will take up Chapter 9 of Fr. Vincent Miceli’s book, The Antichrists within, it deals with what we are facing within the Church and we will see what type of fight we have on our hands.

What Does The Church Teach About The End Of Days?

Here, you will hear from the Fathers and Doctors Of The Church on what is taught.

Catholics Need To Have A Strong Devotion To St. Michael The Archangel

We will talk on the very first learning about Saint Michael and the Apparitions of him.  Then, we will speak on some things that might seem crazy to many, even to many Catholics who have forgotten the Supernatural side of our Faith and no longer believe in the Devil and why we Catholics must have a devotion to Saint Michael to protect us.

Father Miceli and The Antichrist

Through his introduction and first chapter of his book, I hope this will set a fire within you to go on Holy Crusade against the Devil and as Father Miceli put it, “against his Commander and Chief, the Antichrist.”

On The Queenship Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

You will hear some of the most beautiful writings by the Fathers and Doctors Of The Church On Our Lady’s Queenship

What Is Real Christian Manhood?

We cover what actually is authentic Christian Manhood, it has nothing to do with smoking a pipe, smoking a cigar, drinking scotch or bourbon, dressing like you are in the 1950s or looking buff or chiseled.

What Is Real Christian Courtship?

We go through the problems with the modern marriage preparation courses

Real Christian Leadership

We will take a look at what is real Christian Leadership and why we need it today.

What Is Real Christian Activism?

Main Question To Be Asked and Looked At, What Does It Mean Faith Requires Action and Action Requires Faith?

Who Is Saint Bonaventure? 

This was a live stream from St. Bonaventure’s home town and learn who this Saint and Doctor of the Church is.

What Are Real Penances?

We need to do this show, because many Catholics, even many clergy do not know what true penance is and so this show we will cover this with Br. Alexis Bungolo

Saint Hildegard Von Bingen and The Prophecies Of The Future

We Do Another Program On Saint Hildegard Von Bingen’s Prophecies and Share More Of What Our Lord Told Saint Hildegard about what will happen in the Future.

Understanding The Theopany Of Divine Love Part One

As we finished up about the End Of Time, now we read about the Beginning Of Time and how and why things came into being & why God created things as He did.

Continuation On The Theopany Of Divine Love

As we finished up about the End Of Time, now we read about the Beginning Of Time and how and why things came into being & why God created things as He did.

The Conclusion On The Theopany Of Divine Love

As we finished up about the End Of Time, now we read about the Beginning Of Time and how and why things came into being & why God created things as He did.

Exposing The Antichrist Part One

We will begin to talk about how the heretics and apostates & others will start to rise, then we will begin to speak on how he will be born.

Exposing The Antichrist Part Two

Now, we begin to see and hear the doctrine of the Antichrist himself, even his own words; however Our Blessed Lord allowed this Doctor Of The Church & Saint to see and witness this.  We must know these dark things in order to bring them out to the light and be not afraid when it will happen & learn how to defend against it.

Exposing The Antichrist Part Three

In this episode, we will hear Our Lord talk to His Father, in Episode 2, we heard directly from God The Father, now we will hear God The Son talk to God The Father and then hear about Enoch and Elias being killed and few other things.


Investigations Into The Deep State

Our Ability To Begin and To Understand The Deep State Is All Because Of Dr. Antony Sutton and his work exposing everything from the Skull and Bones Lodge, how they slowly grew in power and began to take over our country and spreading to create branches along side Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild to do a 1 World Domination.

What Does Black Lives Matter Believe?

We look into the Black Marxist Terrorist Organization called Black Lives Matter and Go Through Their Own Manifesto

Investigations Into The Masonic Control Of The Catholic Church

In these programs you will learn more behind the scenes of the Church and the big and powerful people who run the show and how evil they are and how they literally took control of the Church from the time of World War Two, when the Allies “liberated” Italy.

History Programs

The Dangers and Destructiveness Of Revolutions

In this program, we talked about how dangerous and destructive a Revolution truly is to society, to the family and to our Faith.

Who Is General George S. Patton Jr? and The Mysterious Death Of The General

In this program, we talk about who this amazing General was and something very near to my heart and that of my family; since it was my grandpa who worked on his car personally & made sure it was ready for his hunting trip the next morning and why do we think Patton was killed by the enemy.

Who Is George Soros and Why Is He So Powerful?

In this program we dive into the life of George Soros and what makes him tick and why he is so powerful.

Who Is Father Malachi Martin?

In this program we go into the life of this controversial priest and what he ended up doing with his life.

The History Of Policing In The English Speaking World

This video we go through the history of the Police in the English Speaking Word, the major changes it had and the awesome reform by August Vollmer that should of been implemented.

King Hugh Of Capet, Who Is He and What About His Dynasty?

In this video, we talk about my 45th Great Grandpa, bare with me, this is some of our early programs and getting used to being on video, first years only on radio. So we talk about him and his dynasty.

Who Is King Jon Sobieski III?

In this program we use his short but full of information autobiography to tell you who this great Polish King and Defender Of Christendom.

The History Of Islamic Terrorism

We look at the History Of Islamic Terrorism up to the First World War.

Modern History Of Islamic Terrorism

We will touch on what is considered “Modern History Of Islamic Terrorism” touching on the very first one, The Armenian Genocide.

Mary Queen Of Scots, Faithful Catholic Martyr

It is time to clear the name of Mary Queen Of Scots and how she was betrayed and how she should be declared a Martyr Of The Church.

The Real Story Of The War Of The Vendee

Their story needs told, I have been hearing they are canonized, but they aren’t, still black listed by the current Republican Government and still considered traitors, sure some have been declared Blessed by dying for the Faith, but until the black list is removed, nothing will be done and it is time to tell their story.

Who Is Margaret Sanger and Her Connection To The Nazi Party?

We go into the woman who created Planned Parenthood and how she taught the Nazis about Eugenics and everything she knew about killing certain people.

Communist Infiltration Of The Catholic Church

This program we look how it caused the Pedophile Problem and then we look at Bella Dod.

Who Is Major General George Washington?

Who Is Major General George Washington, Did He See Our Lady At Valley Forge and Did He Become Catholic?

Proof George Washington Was Not A Mason

Screenshot Of Documents Proving George Washington Was Not A Mason

Catholic Clergy Working As Nazi Spies

In this program we expose certain clergy who were spies.

Who Is Saint Stephen King Of Hungary?

We Learn About My Great Uncle and What He Did For The Christian World.

The Great Polish Dynasty: The Piasts!

We Go Through Some Of The Great Kings and Queens Of Poland, My Family & share what made Poland great in those days.

Who Is King Richard I The Lionheart?

We go through and tell the real life story of Richard The Lionheart, fix the fake narratives of him and the false stories of how he let the Jewish people be attacked in England, which is not true.  You will learn some great things.

The Great Christian Patriot Who Defended Russia From The Bolsheviks

You will meet a man to admire and who is a hero against Communism and lost it all and was even executed by the Communists,Admiral Alexander Kolchak!

Saint Brendan and The Discovery Of The New World

We will tell you of a Great Irish Saint long forgotten and overshadowed by the Great Bishop and Saint Patrick.  Saint Brendan is his name and will talk about his travels and where he went.

Truth Behind The Lincoln County War and Does Billy The Kid Deserve A Pardon?

We look into the Irish Mob that ruled New Mexico and look into the good people who tried to help Billy The Kid and we look into his life as well.

The Similarities Of The Soviet Union To Democratic Run Cities

We look into the Holodomor that the Soviet Union did and we started to see in the news Bread Lines in certain Democrat ran cities in America.

Senator Joseph McCarthy, A Catholic Crusader

He is still the most demonized person, because he dared to expose the deep state and everyone in Government and he was right.

The Life and Early Career Of General Robert E. Lee

We use the autobiography of his nephew and you learn amazing things about him.

How Southern Politics Changes A Young Doc Holliday

We will begin to tell the story of the life of the Hollidays and how the current Political Climate In Georgia Shaped The Young Doc Holiday To Be Who Came To Be and how through his Catholic relatives, he got introduced into Catholicism.

How The Civil War Transformed John Henry Holliday

We will go through his life where he would of been in Middle School Years through his medical school days, right before he leaves to go West. There will be a lot of information and it shows how the events of the war transformed him to who he was when he met Wyatt Earp.

The Lead Up To The Miracle On The Vistula

So much material about the lead up to this great battle, we must do several shows to cover it all and truly give a great representation of the 100th Anniversary of this miracle.

We will discuss how the Polish State was formed, General Jozef Pilsudski, how the Bolshevik Army was formed and how the Polish Army came to be.



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