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If we look at his rosy Wikipedia Article, it is nice and rosy; nothing of his ties to the Rothschilds and his globalist ties.


But, if we go to our favorite website Global Research:

British Monarch Charles III: Preference for “Community Architecture”

Video: King Charles and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Agenda

“Genetically Edited” Food – The Next Stage of the Great Reset?

A ‘Precision Breeding’ Bill to Fast-track GMO Deregulation in England

Read Everything They Have On “King” Charles III

Davos Billionaires Want to Save the Planet… “The Repackaging of Eugenics”

Other News Sites

His Friendship With The Rothschilds

Prince Charles Secret Ties To Elite Pedophile Ring Exposed By FOI Request

How Putin’s Oligarchs Bought London

King Charles doesn’t travel without his teddy bear or toilet seat: royal author

Charles’ Position On The Scamdemic

Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

Charles’ Position On Population Control

Environmental Justice or Eugenics? Prince Charles Says We Must Reduce World Population By Three Quarters

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