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After a long delay and watching what is happening, we are back to give a Read more
In This Program, we go into history and look at everything going and why those Read more
Most Of The Bishops and Priests Of The Catholic and Orthodox Churches Are Showing Their Read more
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By Saint Gregory Thaumatourgos  Brethren, we behold now a great and wondrous mystery. Shepherds with Read more
You will learn a lot of things from this Orthodox Saint that is very Catholic Read more
    This Program You Are About To Watch Proves How Important This Book Is Read more
Back On February 16th 2021 we read from Father Pierre-Jean De Smet's Letters      Read more
We introduced you to the first man who gave the world The Spirit Of Vatican Read more
We get into the continuation of Time Inc International; AKA; The CIA's attack and then Read more
In this editorial, I continue with our shows on exposing the Doctrinal Warfare Program, from Read more
Watch Part One, Part Two, Part Three Watch The Battle To Defend The Church In Read more
  Watch Part One, Part Two, Part Three We will be focusing on three chapters: Read more
In Part Three, We Begin To Look At How The First Session Of The Second Read more
This is Part Two, where we are telling you all the secret history that is Read more
  This Is Part One, Where We Tell You The Meetings Before The Council, Meetings Read more
Our Next Set Of Programs Gets Into The Psychological Warfare Program and The Main People Read more
Our Second Episode Of This Will Be Longer Than The First Episode, I want to Read more
Next Week, We Will Get More Into The Biltimore Conference and the ideology of John Read more
In our next show on Traitor Priests, we learn how Henry Luce sets the foundation Read more
Our Next Programs Will Be Eye Opening and Damning For The Church In America We Read more
In our next installment is Archbishop Gibbons and Archbishop Ireland.  Both were made to appear Read more
Now, we introduce you to Luce's wife, Clare Boothe Luce If you thought Mr. Luce Read more
Our Next Program, We Will Look and Dive Into The Life and Career Of Henry Read more
This is the beginning of many 5 part series into the CIA's Doctrinal War Program Read more
Apologies In Advance, Video Quality Is Horrible On Skype, Our Last Video Exposing Another CIA Read more
  As we said in our program: 'Who Is Behind The Kidnapping and Death Of Read more
  Click Photo Of Cover To Get A Copy Of The Book Click Link For Read more
        CIA Operation Cyclone A Horrible, Immoral and Vulgar Movie With Tom Read more
Today's Program we will tell you what you need to do if you have been Read more
We bring you once again, another expose book by Doctor Emanuel Mann Josephson, where we Read more
  How many remember a weird movie from 1976 with Gregory Peck and all the Read more
    Support Ordo Militaris Radio TV By Clicking Here We will be using his Read more
Please Watch & Share Today's Show     Please Support Ordo Militaris Radio TV By Read more


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