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Repeating A Very Important Item, The Globalists want to control us, but thankfully we’ve not made it easy for them & seen through their deception tricks.  This goes back to our show on the war on food and the ALDI Supermarket Chain that fed the Nazis in World War II now wanting to conqueror America.On Monday, we will go through another deception or sleight of hand trick the globalists are trying to do to us meat eaters & it is very important we pay attention to labels on items in the meat section in your grocery store. This has to do with recent TV advertisements if you paid attention in the last few days, no longer pushing beef burgers at burger joints but impossible and other fake beef.

This article title is misleading, they tell the truth in the article:

The man behind Impossible Foods is the man behind Greek Yogurt Chobani

He got his very first job in this advertising firm McCann

When you think Advertising, Always go to the Propaganda Master himself, Edward Bernays

The man behind McCann: Harry McCann & their first Advertising Account was J.D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil In 1912

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Reader's opinions
  1. Elena   On   May 26, 2024 at 8:23 am

    Thank you A J. and Bro. Alexis for another important video! You can probably do a whole series on the topic of our Food, Water and also air poisoning…Dr. Mercola has spoken on this for a long time as well as Deborah Tavares and how 5G interacts with these chemicals.
    Only a Miracle can return this World back to Jesus Christ!🙏
    God bless you.

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