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Tomorrow, we talk about Transforming America Into A Christian Republic

September 22nd, we will blow all the critics of the Catholic Party Of America away, by quoting from a book of Proceedings On Restoring The Christian Faith Of America Back Into The U.S. Constitution, From 1874.

We Continue To Talk On The Policies and Platforms Of The Christian Party Of America

Tuesday, September 8th, we will continue talking policies and platform ideas to restore America and bring the country back to Christ, also how to make this idea a true reality.

September 1st, will be our next new series to grow interest in a new Catholic Political Party.

Need Help Locating English Copies Of These Works By Admiral Kolchak and his son.

This Wednesday, at 10:45 AM Central Time, Another Aid Appeal For Lebanon! Be Generous and Tune In!

Today, we will talk about the Events That Happened In Beirut Lebanon

Armenia needs help now that Turkey is sending their “Syrian Mercs” to join the fight with Azerbaijan and it is time to form a Subsidiary in Armenia to help them defend their land and renew that old alliance between the West and East!