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Pope Benedict XVI

Once Br. Alexis can breathe again from his chest cold he picked up trying to defend Holy Mother Church in the first ever in a long time Original Form of election of the Pope. We will talk about the treachery, the back stabbing, everything that happened and what was the result. Also, what Our Lady […]

I’m free to say it here, there are wolves among the sheep who are doing their evil best in trying to disrupt things, they pretended to be on the side of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, but they only used him to write and sell books.  Now that he has died, Cardinals failed to denounce […]

Almighty and ever living God, who has vouchsafed to the Church that there would be in perpetuity successors in the Apostolic See of St. Peter, so that the spotless bride of Jesus Christ, Holy Mother Church, ever have a true shepherd to guide and protect Her: HEAR US WE BESEECH THEE! That THOU raise up, […]

The Church of Rome is the Church which received the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, the Church presided over by Saint Peter throughout his entire life, the Church which he brought and planted in this ancient terrestrial imperial capital, so that from Her the light and grace of Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom might flow […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Show Questions When Did we find out that the Holy Father had died?   2. Can you talk about the Apostolic Law on the 21 Days Since The Moment Of Death Of The Pope?   3. If the Cardinals that Pope Benedict created do not elect […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee The Sutri Initiative to save the Church from #Bergoglio Please take 8 minutes to listen to this… (Please share personally with every #Catholic Influencer on Social Media) #CatholicTwitter #CatholicChurch#DefendingAgainstHostileTakeoverhttps://t.co/lAqDviC2Ds — Restore Pope Benedict XVI! (@B16Restore) December 9, 2022 BE THERE! – The International Rally for POPE […]