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Next Week

Tune in Monday for our Terrorism Update and big breaking news from around the world.

Next Friday, we will look at what does it mean to truly love your country and country men in a True Christian Sense, and what is behind different policies where they say their country’s interest come first, but then they do the bidding of different country that seems to control everything.

Please Listen or Watch Today’s Show to learn about what is behind these social media trolls.

On Saturday, We will look at the Great Polish Dynasty I am born into on my mother’s side. The Piast Dynasty! Tune In.

On August 20th, We Will Celebrate My Great Uncle’s Feast Day!

On August 15th, Saturday, The 100 Year Anniversary Of The Miracle At Vistula River, We will cover it and explain how Our Lady helped the Polish Army defeat the Soviets.

MAJOR UPDATE ON STORY     #BREAKING IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency released this video, stating a smart attack has probably targeted the US navy warship in San Diego pic.twitter.com/HWyJ2KqaZV — Dwain Jude D’silva 🇺🇸 (@JudeDwain) July 14, 2020   @ABaalman3 your answer about the Terror Attack! — Dwain Jude D’silva 🇺🇸 (@JudeDwain) July 14, 2020 […]