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MK Ultra

Monday Got on to setup Monday’s program and noticed how silent the news about Terrorism has been for a week.  Either demonstrations against the Vaccine or Lock Downs in Denmark and Germany and Italy, then Stop The Steal Rallies In America. Even Antifa/BLM is somewhat silent, shows you how most Terrorism News is caused by […]

Tuesday Has the Finances Of The Vatican always been a mess or is this something new?  Their history is a dark one, a place many do not want to go, but to help defend and remove the evil inside Holy Mother Church, we will go there. Bernardino Nogara Vatican Bank Needs More Transparency, Regulators Say […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute MI5 drew first blood in hacking our video on Bitchute yesterday, so we fire right back at them on Drummer Lee James Rigby and strange things about his death that do not add up. Murder Of Lee Rigby  Right […]

Watch On YouTube Listen On Mixcloud Watch On Bitchute Their Will Be Done Martin A. Lee 1983 April 1981 P2 List CIA Ties With Ex-Nazis Shown CIA Organized Secret Army In Western Europe NATOs_secret_armies Click Book Cover To Get A Copy   To Send Ordo Militaris Radio TV Donations 1. Address The Check To Ordo […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute   See Yesterday’s Censorship and Trying To Stop Today’s Program  To Get This Book, Click Book Cover $44.96 Hardcover or $10.91 Kindle Who is Pope Francis? Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”   To Send Ordo Militaris Radio […]

Thursday We will look at another book by Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and FDR; to get the book in PDF version, click link below Antony Sutton – Wall Street and FDR (1975) To Get A Paperback Version, Click Image Below To Donate To Ordo Militaris Radio TV 1. Address Check To Ordo Militaris Inc […]

It is time to learn about the man from Argentina and who millions call Pope Francis. There are new details about him in a book we will use, that he is connected to the CIA Operation Gladio. Is Jorge Bergoglio A Spy?

On Wednesday, We Will Learn About This Suppression Of Information and everything behind it and how it started and where it started. It is truly timely for the 2020 Election.

Americas Secret Establishment An Introduction to Skull and Bones Antony Sutton This book, we will talk more about on November 11th, 2020 It was just recently pulled off of the Internet Archives as I was looking at it. Download this book and better yet, get a paperback copy by clicking the book cover.

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch On YouTube Watch On Bitchute  So, all those Americans and American Companies, Wall Street who helped bring Adolf Hitler to power, did they commit treason and was there an arrest warrant for them?  Yes, there was. To Get Sutton’s book in PDF Form, Click Link Below Sutton – […]