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Br. Alexis might of misspoke about the POWs, they aren’t Azeri, but Armenian. Forgive him, we had a lot to remember in our program and returned to our first type of show we ever did, so we are getting back into the grove of reporting on the news.   Watch The Original   Watch On […]

Watch The Original   Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble       In our second program on NAFO, we have more information on them and who they actually are. Accelerationism and Order Of Nine Angels. We have questions now about the bombing of the Foreign Legion base at the start of the war and […]

Watch The Original   Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble This Video Was Edited and Then Cut Off After Our Introduction and the Rest Of The Video Is Banned On Odysee     In this program, we will tell you about a very dishonest bunch of online trolls, jerks, who claim they are privately raising […]

UPDATE Br. Alexis misspoke, when I said, John XXII, I meant to say John XII…. there should be a note on the show page about that More people who used to be friends and colleagues in the Pro Pope Benedict XVI camp, now have shown their true colors and has attacked him and Fr. Walter […]

Watch The Original Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   See Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8   In this episode, we learn the inner workings of how the Soviets infiltrated the west and began to disrupt other intelligence agencies.  See Episode 4, when he finally gets to […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On YouTube Watch On Odysee     A lot of noise is going on and I will do my best to set the stage on the last time we ever heard from him and separate false from truth. This one is for George! He became a fan of […]

In our next installment of Real Catholicism, another big name that helped form Trad Inc and their “converts” is the man behind it all, Marcus Grodi and The Coming Home Network.   But, we already have information on him and we will look to find more. Hits: 514