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The Exposé Of The Masonic Control Of The Church

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The First 8 Programs Comes From This Book

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Learn How The U.S. Government Declared War On The Church

Architect Of The U.S. War On The Catholic Church

Did You Know, In 1953 The USA Declared War On The Catholic Church?

The Men Behind Vatican II & Firing General Douglas MacArthur

Learn How The Vatican Was Taken Over

1. The Expose Of Jorge Bergoglio 

2. The CIA Infiltration Of The Vatican

3.  The Secrets Of The Vatican Bank

4. The Ustase and the Vatican

5. The Vatican and The CIA Drug Money

6. Those Behind Roberto Calvi’s Murder

7. Who Is Behind The Kidnapping and Murder Of Emanuela Orlandi?

8. Summer Of 1976 and Wojtyla’s Recruitment To The CIA


Programs From This Book

Exposing Vatican II and The People Behind It!

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  1. Henry Robinson Luce 
  2. Clare Boothe Luce
  3. Archbishop Gibbons and Ireland, Enemies Of Christ
  4. The Agents Of The U.S. Government: The Traitor Priests Of America
  5. Henry Luce Sets The Foundation For John Courtney Murray
  6. The Ideology and The Man Of John Courtney Murray Part I
  7. The Ideology Of John Courtney Murray Part Two
  8. Who Is Charles Douglas Jackson and John McCloy?
  9. The Hidden and Real History Of Vatican II: Part I
  10. Vatican Press Versus Time Inc: Part II
  11. The End Of The Catholic Religion As We Have Known It: Part III
  12. The Battle To Defend The Church At The Second Session Of Vatican II
  14. The Continuation Of The Psychological Warfare Attack In Session Three
  15. The “Spirit” Of Vatican II 

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