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In our next installment is Archbishop Gibbons and Archbishop Ireland.  Both were made to appear friends of Christ and the Church; whom the Trads adore.  But, we will expose them for who they are, enemies of Christ!



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Gibbons Coat Of Arms

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  1. Carmel   On   October 14, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    The title of this broadcast suggests the whole of Ireland is an enemy of Christ……is that what you mean or should the title of the broadcast read as Archbishops Gibbons and Ireland or better still Archbishop Gibbons and Archbishop Ireland?
    Also there are a lot of Walshes and Horans in Ireland who may be very upset to be labelled as Masonic?!
    I am guessing that there were and are a lot of good decent honest hardworking Irish and Irish descendant Catholic priests, nuns, monks, Bishops and Archbishops in America being sadly tarnished here with the one brush. You might perhaps kindly rectify and/or clarify that.

    • AJ Baalman   On   October 14, 2021 at 4:43 pm

      Regarding the title; there is only so much room on the title bar; it’s like reading a feast day calendar with many Saints; when the Sts. is spelled that way for telling you multiple Saints. This is how I wrote the title, Archbishops Gibbons and Ireland; Ireland is the last name for Archbishop John Ireland. Now for the Walshes and Horans; we were only talking about the family of Archbishop Gibbons of Baltimore; pointing out the Masonic symbols and colors on his coat of arms. Yes, there were good Irish lay people and priests; but here we are not talking about them; we are talking about the Irish Mafia that ran a good chunk of America and the Church in America.

  2. Vive la Vendee   On   October 14, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    Thank you for this program!! Permit me to add that while it will surely take some digging to prove absolutely that Gibbons was a freemason, nevertheless here are some HUGE additional indicators (beyond his coat of arms) that he was indeed working under the freemasonic banner:
    1. Gibbons’ FAILURE to enforce Rome’s condemnation of secret societies. Hmmmmm…
    2. Gibbons’ SUPPORT of Archbishop Ireland’s evil “Faribault Plan” which sought to INCORPORATE the parish schools into the public (i.e., GOVERNMENT) school system — strenuously opposed by the Germans, Archbishop Corrigan, and other true Catholics. (This diabolical MERGE between Catholic & secular schooling has been pretty much fully accomplished today, although more by stealth and not formally. Gibbons and Ireland were WAY ahead of their time in their liberalism AND their labors to destroy Catholic education.]
    3. Gibbons’ promotion in the USA of the FAMOUSLY MASONIC “separation of church and state” mantra (a slogan-mantra that was introduced and deployed on the world in France during the Masonic French Revolution as a way to neutralize Catholicism)
    4. Gibbons’ participation in the 1893 “World Parliament of Religions” — clearly an early advance toward the deadly Vatican II “ecumenism” and an early step toward the one-world-religion that St. Pius X was warning about during that era (and which anti-pope Bergoglio is working to fully establish right before our eyes!!)
    5. Gibbons’ promotion of the heresy of “Americanism” — that has led to the now basically TOTAL loss of any distinct Catholic identity or strength or credibility for the “Catholic” Church in the USA today. Catholic teaching is just one part of many “equals” in the American “melting pot” of “diversity” and “creeds.”

    EACH and every one of these above activities/philosophies of Gibbons ARE HUGE, but ALL TOGETHER they paint a CATASTROPHIC picture. Gibbons was CONSISTENTLY using the Freemasonic playbook and was diabolically liberal at a time when Bl. Pius IX, Leo XIII and St. Pius X were aggressively striving to fight Modernism and Liberalism in all its deadly manifestations.

    We are ALL victims of the evil legacy of Cardinal Gibbons and his brood of vipers.

  3. Mazara   On   October 14, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Ireland was under British rule for seven hundred years, I’ve read that the lodge in Dublin was the second most important lodge in the British Empire,and that the White House was modelled on it.

  4. Joseph   On   October 15, 2021 at 8:20 am

    This is by far the most important video you both have made because here you are beginning to reveal and mention the real ONE invisible ENEMY WITHIN the Roman Catholic Church (and that it is not some vague anonymous gi joe from the cia.)

    Have you read this (free) book, The Plot Against the Church, that was sent to ALL the bishops BEFORE they went to attend the Council of Vatican II warning them of the massive infiltration of – THE ENEMY – to destroy the Church from within?

    Continue establishing the Catholic Party of America because that seed you plant today will be an oak tree tomorrow. Right now, Americans, including Catholics, are so deceived by the foremost Pied Piper, Trump and his Masonic deceptions, and by television lies, and by Hollywood fornications that they are in a pathetic state of spiritual stupor. The television is now the biggest weapon of – THE ENEMY – in the destruction from within – of the Catholic Church and many countries. And because of television – THE ENEMY – does not have to drop a single bomb! The television simply keeps people in lingering stupid stupor that they can’t even tell from right from wrong, how many is 2 plus 2, and what is the difference between a man a woman.

  5. Kate   On   April 10, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    Hello, AJ! This video is very informative. The observation on converts running the Church is spot on. I can hear Garrigou-Lagrange’s remark to the convert Maritain’s liberal politcal views: “you are now going to lecture us, who have been Catholic for 300 years, on a new Catholic social doctrine?!” (My sentiments about the convert-flooded leadership, even among traddies, exactly.)
    Note on Card. Gibbon’s shield- Some of the 1899 Douay-Rheims Bibles received their approbation from Card. Gibbons, and the shield over his name is a completely different one than sited. Very confusing. Also, the left half of Card. Gibbon’s shield found on Wikipedia is the shield for the Diocese of Baltimore.

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