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Please WATCH and SHARE All Our Programs Support The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser Support Our Immediate Need For Equipment Support Our Server Upgrade  Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch Odysee Watch On BitChute This membership drive program has nothing to do with supporting the Zelensky Government, but it has everything to do to help these wonderful Christian […]

Please WATCH and SHARE All Our Programs Join The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser Join The Immediate Studio Equipment Fundraiser About The Show: In this program, I interview Br. Alexis about the new layout of the website at Ordo Militaris Catholicus and how it is more accessible for those on mobile and easier to navigate […]

  In this program, we will discuss how our Ukrainian Non-Profit would like to setup a military hospital to help the Christian Soldiers defending Ukraine who need medical help and help in recovery. Click the images at the top or bottom to make a donation.   wounded soldiers in hospital photo: license to use image: […]

Please Share All Our Programs Please Join The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser “We are an international Christian Association helping Christians defend themselves. We are raising funds to run a Youth Camp for disadvantaged Christian Youth in Europe, to give them the skills to pursue a career in the police and security forces of their […]

  We, at Ordo Militaris Catholicus, need our users at Cross Azure to help keep Cross Azure going, the only REAL & TRUE Social Media, by becoming Investors.  It’s Only 1 Dollar Per Share, So Real People Can Actually Invest In This Great Project! We want you to WANT You, to take part in this! […]

  To Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus As A Lay Member Click Donate If You Are A Military Vet Click To Sign Up If You Are An Investor For A First Time or A Pro Click To Invest If You Want To Franchise With Us Click To Franchise   Editor’s Note By Br. Alexis: One of […]

In today’s program, we will be promoting our own Social Media Platform: Cross Azure.Net and how it is different, new and even better than the current social media. Watch The Original Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   If you want to help us improve Cross Azure, Become An Investor Today!   […]

Br. Alexis might of misspoke about the POWs, they aren’t Azeri, but Armenian. Forgive him, we had a lot to remember in our program and returned to our first type of show we ever did, so we are getting back into the grove of reporting on the news.   Watch The Original   Watch On […]

Watch The Original   Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble This Video Was Edited and Then Cut Off After Our Introduction and the Rest Of The Video Is Banned On Odysee     In this program, we will tell you about a very dishonest bunch of online trolls, jerks, who claim they are privately raising […]

Watch The Original Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Lafayette Escadrille Movie On It: Flyboys Flying Tigers Movie On It: Flying Tigers with John Wayne Eagle Squadrons This is shown in the movie Pearl Harbor The Men Led By Colonel Davy Crockett To Texas, To Fight With The Texicans Against The Mexican […]