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Month: October 2020

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Original   Watch On Bitchute  So, all those Americans and American Companies, Wall Street who helped bring Adolf Hitler to power, did they commit treason and was there an arrest warrant for them?  Yes, there was. To Get Sutton’s book in PDF Form, Click Link Below Sutton […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Original   Watch On Bitchute Those who lived during the Cuba Missile Crisis, you will be totally upset when you learn how everything was Political Theater and that the “State Department Gave Approval To Those Soviet Vessels Carrying The Missiles To Cuba.” That is just one of […]

Listen On Mixcloud  Watch The Original   Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute It is time to dive deep into all companies and people who Financed Adolf Hitler and name names and places even more in Chapter Seven. To Get Antony C. Sutton’s Book In PDF Form Click Link Below Sutton – Wall Street and the […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch On YouTube Watch On Bitchute Truth About The Two Parties System By John Adams Writings Of John Adams To Join The Party Adams Would Support, Click Image Link Below To Make A Donation To Ordo Militaris Radio TV: Address Your Check To Ordo Militaris Inc, In The Memo […]

Listen To The Program On Mixcloud Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute Scotland Scottish Bill Would Criminalize Hate Speech, Even In Your Private Homes France The Greek Orthodox Priest who was shot by a Muslim today at #Lyon has been named:#Nikolaos #Kakavelakis. https://t.co/66oLGXIyoK — Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ (@MilitarisCath) October 31, […]

We will get into the feast day of All Souls Day and Then On Sunday, All Saints Day and how it differs from Halloween and everything else.

Listen To Today’s Program On Mixcloud Watch Today’s Program On YouTube Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute #Nice, #France, site of one of the most horrific and vicious acts of #Islamic #terrorism when 86 were run over with a truck, is scene today of another attack in #Catholic Church, woman 70 years old decapitated, 2 others […]

I Praise and Thank Robert Bąkiewicz for starting the Polish National Guard and He Must Form A Private Security Company and a Political Party to beat the fake Catholic Ruling Party Of Poland! We give our commentary below Views: 1907

On Friday, we will learn about how this fighting within the Church began and what type of fight we have going on.

Thursday, we will learn all about this censorship game we are facing and where it began and who began it.