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Building Project

While we wait for Monday for the testimony and what Randy found, we will be announcing on video that we would love to have investigators to work with us and go to certain places to get documents. As you can see, we did great putting together what we think happened with clues and information we […]

Episode 3: In This Episode, The General is in-charge of rebuilding Japan after the war and the Air Force’s use of the A-bomb and we will go through what he did and thought. Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5 Again, Thank You Amanda, Director Of The General Douglas MacArthur Museum To […]

Watch The Original Watch On YouTube Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Lafayette Escadrille Movie On It: Flyboys Flying Tigers Movie On It: Flying Tigers with John Wayne Eagle Squadrons This is shown in the movie Pearl Harbor The Men Led By Colonel Davy Crockett To Texas, To Fight With The Texicans Against The Mexican […]

I’m free to say it here, there are wolves among the sheep who are doing their evil best in trying to disrupt things, they pretended to be on the side of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, but they only used him to write and sell books.  Now that he has died, Cardinals failed to denounce […]

Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee     Life Of St. Olga Help Us At Cross Azure By Clicking The Sticker Then, We Will Talk About A Prayer Request We Made To Saint Olga to create a Military Company Called The Sons Of St. Olga or Sini Svyatoi Olga. Here Is A […]

We Invite You To Comment On What Similar Policies Are Happening Where You Live, Be Brave, Join Us In Help Exposing The Climate Fanatics!  Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee   Meet The Parties Involved Who Locked Down Oxford Leader Of The Council: Liz Leffman  “Liberal Democrat Green Alliance (Liberal Democrat Member)” […]

Please Watch Our Main Program Time For Catholics To Learn How To Survive  Today, we will go over the details from that program, in more details, to help Catholics understand why they need to consider this option, so they can get back to their Catholic roots of old.   Watch The Original Watch On Rumble […]

In this short program for Catholic Party For America, I go where no one in the GOP or Democrat will go, to actually save America. To Save America, We Must Act On The Declaration Of Independence Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Hits: 245

Feel Free To Read My Short Lecture I wrote for this program Restoring A Christian Nation   Watch The Original Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee Click Our Banner To Visit Catholic Party For America Hits: 321

 Watch The Original Watch On Rumble You will learn all the different Stock Prospectius Ordo Militaris Catholicus has to offer and how you can invest and also how you can help us push our stock offers to those who are investors and turn their attention away from Globalist Investment, into real honest Catholic Investment Opportunities […]