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Time To Help Ordo Militaris Radio TV To Not Be Censored

Written by on March 4, 2024

We are beginning to notice that we are being censored to a great deal on all social media and who knows what the server company will do the more we expose of the WEF, Agenda 2030, and all the Globalist Playbook.

We know the local contractor to ask to build this studio and we have a location, so I can walk into from the house and as it says on the Fundraising Page, that the money raised for it will be controlled by a non-profit and they would take care of all the bills.

If you are truly serious in helping us at Ordo Militaris Radio TV and I thank our big donors all over the world; including in Switzerland and I hope you guys will lead the way in getting to where we can begin laying the ground work & everything.

So Please Go To The Fundraiser Page, Be Generous.

Donate To The OMC Radio TV Studio Fundraiser

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