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Here Is The Conclusion Of Part One: Why and Who Created The European Union? It is here we will learn even more about the Marshall Plan to “Restore Europe” after the Second World War, but you will learn of men who had all the Nazi Big Brass Industrialists released from Prison & Restored To Them […]

In this program, we finish off where we left off regarding how the nation of Czechoslovakia was silently erased without firing a shot and how any nation can face similar threats from the Bank For International Settlements. Please Watch Our First Six Programs On The Bank For International Settlements What Goes On At The Secretive […]

This will be our first show today: Back on August 28th 2016, we filed to incorporate in Wyoming and on the 29th, it was approved. So, we will talk about this and what we have done & gone through since we first started. Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus Today! Please Click To See Our School Project […]

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In our previous program, we talked about the secretive meetings at Bank For International Settlements  3. Who Is Behind This New Recession? Part Four: Who Is Montagu Norman & His Connection To The BIS? Part Five: Meet The Club House Of The Bankers Part Six: The Rape and Destruction Of Czechoslovakia  Part Seven: How Any […]

Originally Published At BlankSpot By Rasmus Canback “When international journalists are banned from entering Nagorno-Karabakh, Mariam Avetisian takes up the story-telling herself. Blankspot has caught up with the Nagorno-Karabakh documentary maker who can’t keep quiet. By RASMUS CANBÄCK August 5, 2022 Photos by Areg Balayan – When the outside world doesn’t care about what’s happening, we ourselves […]

We will talk about what happened to our YouTube Channel and how it all happened.

Watch On Bitchute Watch On Rumble Watch On Odysee  This question is so important to ask and to answer regarding the war in Ukraine and the same Allied Units are supplying Ukraine with weapons, that fought Germany & the axis powers in WWI.  Has anything changed in 105 years? I also mention the problems Armenian […]

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We have been good, never firing back at YouTube, but this time in deleting the video Save The Republic, a video I created by taking Br. Alexis’ letter to the Governors Of America Who Is Behind YouTube? The Father Of Susan Wojcicki, Stanley Wojcicki The Mother Of Stanley, Janina Wojcicka Hoskina Susan Wojcicki Meet Susan’s […]