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Next Monday, OMC Radio TV Exposing The Globalist Plots


In this piece, I’m a better writer than a speaker & so I thought would write it out and use it on Monday.

My take on what these GOP Talking Heads by saying, “oh there will be another Civil War, if this or that happens.”  All it is fear mongering to make you vote for them, it has been a good tactic on getting votes; back when Theresa May was in-charge of Great Britain as the Prime Minister, before every election, there would be a terrorist attack & her base would win again.

Why are these GOP Talking Head Idiots going on National and World News to say this stuff?  Because those who are the true people in-charge of the GOP wants it; yes, Skull and Bones Lodge and all their branches.  We scream it from the highest heavens on OMC Radio TV about who is behind all this & it doesn’t sink in, it goes in one ear and out the other. These Satanic Masters Of Strategy, want you to repeat what their talking heads are saying, then YOU get the blame if it ever happens & the old Political Two Step happens, “I don’t recall making those statements on TV, it wasn’t about this or that.”

Why was it, when America was beginning to want to form into a federation of 13 colonies, why they didn’t do it openly in the beginning, they did it in secret, used pen-names when writing about independence, met in local taverns that were of the same mindset, never in taverns who favored the King.

Now, who is making the statements, the GOP, the Republicans.  Who started the Civil War by declaring the invasion of States? The Republicans.  Then folks will bring up, “oh it was to end slavery.”  There were slave owners in the North,

as in the South, both white and black slave owners.  They forget to teach you that.


In the time prior to the Civil War, the Federal Government was still a very limited form of Government & the States were still following the Articles Of Confederation where the States had the majority of power and the States could declare if something was not constitutional, that these acts declared by the Federal Government as void; as Alexander Hamilton states in the Federalist Papers on the Supremacy Clause.

When the saber rattling began that the Federal Government was going to Usurp it’s authority from States having the Majority Power to the Federal Government and since after the Civil War and onwards, the Federal Government was no longer a limited in power but swelled up to become what it is today there is no limited government, now our so called representatives are bought and paid for by lobbyist groups or big pharma or even foreign powers.

But it is these same paid spokesmen and women of whomever has bought them, rattling this fear mongering saber & wanting the people to be setup again like the previous setup job back in January.

Under the Articles Of Confederation, your State was your country, so when Lincoln decided to invade the South, through Virginia, that is why Colonel Robert E. Lee and other Officers Of The Union from Virginia and other Southern States could not in good conscience invade their homeland.

Now, we no longer have that idea about our State, if we did, we would be able to defend it from those who want to ruin our state; those from Socialist States of California, Washington, Oregon and New York; by making sure those who move to our state would not be of such political ideology or they would be met at the borders and turned away.

If we had this mindset, the Illegal Immigration would not be an issue, we would defend come to the defense of border states with Mexico and defend it how those in D.C. are helping Israel slaughter innocent people in Gaza & doing the bidding of the Rothschilds to defend their illegal state of Israel or how the Trump show in the House and some in the Senate are letting Ukrainian Catholics and Orthodox die by not helping them defend themselves with state of the art military equipment; remember we have retired veterans who gave up their comforts of home to go to Ukraine on their own to help defend the Ukrainian People & it is these same Trump Republicans who trash these people day in and day out.

Now, why did I bring up Ukraine, because also in the Articles Of Confederation, we can rise up and help defend Christianity; which means help Ukraine win against the KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin and his communists in Russia.

This is why so many people in America have soaked up Rothschild Propaganda that “Israel must be defended.” “Ukraine must be destroyed, Christians raped and Murdered.” Because the Rothschilds control both Israel and Russia; and those in the U.S. House and Senate who doing their bidding & those in the media repeating the Propaganda.

America has changed where Politicians are servants not of the People they are to represent, but by those who paid for them; lobbyists, Big Pharma, other such bad actors & we must return to what America was, where we loved our home, our State and limit this giant government once again back to where the States had the majority of power & the Federal Government is limited.

Image Of General Stonewall Jackson, if you ever read or watched Gods and Generals, you learn a great deal about the leadup to the Civil War and why it happened.

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