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Gladio Pushing Christian Nationalism In Europe

Lord Farmer, Candace’s Husband Said, “I can defeat Catholics!” Before his so-called conversion, but his father, who gave him this title, did not revoke it, so I think that is his goal by his and Candace’s so called conversion

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Reader's opinions
  1. Elena   On   June 8, 2024 at 8:15 pm

    Ave Maria! Dear Bro. Alexis, you are right to say people must tell their Bishop and 15 Bishops in Rome to put an end to Bergoglio’s papacy. Yet, as you mentioned, this is more than a 100 yrs of St. Gallen Mafia infiltration. Also, if Randy Engel is correct, the Papacy of Pope Paul VI brought a Sodomite into Peter’s chair that helped destroy the faith of many Catholics and along with possibly Freemasonic Popes, i.e. Pope John XXIII. Now, you mentioned almost All the Bishops are sodomites or complicit to the perversion among them. How can everyone’s pleas stop this? Can a devil cast out a devil?

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