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September 16th 2020, Wednesday; we will look at how the Civil War transformed the young Read more
Tuesday, September 8th, we will continue talking policies and platform ideas to restore America and Read more
Friday, September 11th, we will begin to learn about the family and youth of Doc Read more
Wednesday, September 8th, we will tell you of the early years and early military career Read more
Tuesday, September 8th, we are revisiting one of the most popular shows that Ordo Militaris Read more
This Coming Saturday, we will take a look at what is behind the Great Monarch Read more
Listen and Watch The Show, we will talk about the history of the gun, why Read more
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was Right and Is A True Catholic Crusader Against Communism, Learn About Read more
Watch The Show Listen To The Show Watch On Bitchute We Need To Act, All Read more
September 1st, will be our next new series to grow interest in a new Catholic Read more
August 31st, Our Weekly Show On Terrorism In America and Around The World. Read more
Tune In Next Saturday For A Huge Movie Review and how it ties together with Read more
Next Friday, we will look at the Lincoln County War and Deliver Our Case To Read more
See what we are talking about this coming Monday. Read more
Also On Saturday, We Will Do Two Shows: The Queenship Of The Virgin Mary. Read more
Thursday, August 27th 2020, We Will Tell You About Saint Brendan and his discovery of Read more
This Wednesday, at 10:45 AM Central Time, Another Aid Appeal For Lebanon! Be Generous and Read more
We defend an Orthodox Christian and Hero Against Communism, who is still hated today, Admiral Read more
On Friday, We will look at what is the Spirit Of The Anti-Christ and How Read more
We take you to Milan where Terror came to the Cathedral, we learn about Hezbollah, Read more
Next Wednesday, August 26th, We will look at the dangers of Ideologue People and how Read more
Instead of doing the Show Tomorrow on King Richard I The Lionheart and On Friday Read more
August 25th Tuesday We will tell you about my 40th Great Uncle, King Richard I Read more
On Wednesday, we will speak about numerous Clergy coming out and supporting Pope Benedict XVI Read more
On Saturday, I want to cover this and just talk about it. So sick and Read more
On Tuesday we will do a show on Lebanon and why Lebanon needs saved. Read more
Very excited for our first guest and round table discussion on this very important topic. Read more
Today, we will talk about the Events That Happened In Beirut Lebanon Read more
Tune in Monday for our Terrorism Update and big breaking news from around the world. Read more
Tune in Tuesday and we will talk about a special opportunity in living in peace Read more
Next Friday, we will look at what does it mean to truly love your country Read more
Please Listen or Watch Today's Show to learn about what is behind these social media Read more
On Saturday, We will look at the Great Polish Dynasty I am born into on Read more
On August 20th, We Will Celebrate My Great Uncle's Feast Day! Read more
Today, We Commemorate The 100th Anniversary Of The Miracle On The Vistula River, Please Watch Read more
Armenia needs help now that Turkey is sending their "Syrian Mercs" to join the fight Read more


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