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Br. Alexis misspoke, instead of saying 16th Amendment, he should of said the 14th Amendment 

Everything here we speak about is 100% Legal

1. Different Forms Of Resistance

2. Getting Your Local Government and State Governments To Remain For Liberty

3. Following The Law

4. Ways Of Raising A Constitutional Militia and How It Is Different From Illegal Vigilantes

5. Importance Of Winning Your Town Government Over

6. Different Ways To Act In Red States To Blue States

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Reader's opinions
  1. Fr. Paul Armes   On   January 3, 2021 at 12:55 am

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, but try to get some action is quite a challenge. Some random thoughts here on what I have tried:
    I have pummeled the city commissioners and county commissioners with emails for months with little reply. You cannot even get them to get rid of a mask than them get rid of a false election. The level of conviction concerning aborted fetal tissue in these shots is almost nil. What can you say about the spirit of a people who have tolerated the slaughter of 60 plus million unborn within their own borders. There is a spirit of apathy and non-initiative in our developing zombie landscape. These look like signs of God’s judgment upon our land. I have promoted the HCQ, zinc and zithro cure but nobody gives much interest. They look at you and say that they know someone who has died of covid and then they cease the conversation. The essence of this conflict is spiritual and a spiritual solution is needed, like a revival.

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