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Here is the latest Catholic Party For America Tweets I Screenshot To Save Them & Share Them.

Right Off The Bat I Begin Talking About Food Industries are making their workers mask up and such, which is good to keep the food healthy, and it was no big deal to see in my lunch room cafeteria and college cafeteria; but then forcing their workers to get the dangerous poison shot and then forcing the customers to mask up; not for food sanitation, but because of the unproven and not isolated bug and fake Delta Variant.


Then Once I finish talking about this report, then I head onto why aren’t we joining Europe and Australia in marching and protesting against Medical Tyranny, I then begin to red pill you all, if you haven’t watched our Sutton Programs and Exposing The Deep State Programs, Please Do So. Then I Point Out, These Evil Doers no longer hide behind fake classified documents, everything we have found & shared with you, is all Open and Public Source Information.

But that doesn’t stop those behind this from doing knocks on my door and then disappearing into thin air, helicopters suddenly fly over, an old house phone that no longer works suddenly rings.  They hate that I am not controlled by their Operation Paperclip and Operation Mocking Bird Propaganda or their MK Ultra Project they are doing to us here in America and else where who have bought into the dangerous lie of the vaccine and covid.

Then I finally Promote Catholic Party For America and How It Will Be One Heck Of A Battle To Save & Restore America and That No Other Political Party or Organization in America is this transparent and open.

Please, if you are on Twitter, Share The Party’s Tweets On This.

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