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Who Is General George Patton and The Mysterious Death Of The General

Written by on June 9, 2020

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A mystery that still has people asking questions about the death of General Patton and a mystery that still we in our family want to know the answers to, my grandfather, on my dad’s side, Tech Sargent Harold J. Baalman head mechanic in the 3rd Armor Division under General George Patton and was the man who got the car ready for the morning hunt that fateful day.

Was it a normal car accident or as we think, even in Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Patton hints at, it was no accident and they wanted Patton off the scene, because we know Patton hated the Communist Forces and didn’t trust them, and if he could of, he would drove into Russia and conquered Communist Russia to remove that threat to America and to the world.

1. Who is General George Smith Patton Jr and his upbringing and his possible learning disabilities?

2.  He studied at the Virginia Military Institute, what is this school?

3. Like General MacArthur, General Patton also went to West Point, how was he as a student at West Point?

4. He participated in the Olympics didn’t he? How did he do as an athlete?

5.  I see he spent some time in Kansas at Fort Riley, what did he do there?

6. When did Patton first see combat or some sort of Military Action?

7. When did Patton get into tanks and did he see any action in World War One?

8. Speak if you can on the missions he did in World War Two?

9.  Wasn’t a son or a family member taken to a POW Concentration Camp and he hurried to free him?

10. When the war was over what was this new army but it was only on paper the military and OSS gave him?

11.   Why didn’t the OSS like General Patton and in the book ‘Killing Patton’ there was talk it was the OSS that killed Patton to keep him from going after the Soviet Union?

12. With how corrupt the OSS and dangerous they were from the start in bringing over war criminals of the Waffen SS to run what would become the CIA, did they have any agreements with the Soviet Union to protect them?

13. The day before of the car wreck, December 8th 1945, my grandfather got the car ready for the morning hunt, got it signed out for the driver, Horace L. Woodring, to get in the morning of December 9th 1945, and we hear how the street was empty, can you go into detail on what happened in that wreck?

14. Tell us what really happened when Patton was in the hospital until what happened till his death on December 21st 1945

Who do you think killed Patton, the OSS/CIA or Soviet Union Spies?

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