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The Dangers and Destructiveness Of Revolutions

Written by on June 9, 2020



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Right now currently in many states across America, the Domestic Terrorist Organization, ANTIFA and the other organization that needs to be labeled a Terrorist Organization, Black Lives Matter, they want the destruction of America and install anarchy and communism.

Three Revolutions are very important and personal, and family was in all three, both on the American side and French side during the American Revolution, the French Revolution where my family members were murdered and the October Revolution where the Tsar and family of Russia were murdered and Communism entered the world.

Let us begin to ask the questions:

1. What is a revolution and what causes a revolution?

2.  Can a Revolution Be A Just War?

3.  What Is Anarchy and How Is It Spread?

4.  What is their goal for the country they want to take over?

Let us now talk on the French Revolution

5.  What is the roles that cause the start of the French Revolution?

6.  What Destruction That Is Still Being Caused To This Very Day From The French Revolution?

7. Why Were The Catholics Targeted and Killed?

8.  How Has The French Revolution Damaged The Church In France and as a Whole?

Let us now talk on the October Revolution That Murdered The Tsar and his family

9. Can you speak on how Lenin and Trotsky turned the people of Russia with lies against the Tsar?

10.  What was the big catalyst that caused the fall of Tsarist Russia in October 1917?

11.  How did Leninism begin Communism and how did it spread throughout the earth so fast?

12.  Has this entered into the democrat party who supports ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter?

The Danger Of Revolutionists

13. Do You Believe America Is Trying To Be Toppled By These Revolutionists?

14. Do you believe these revolutionists funded by George Soros will continue to try to attack America and other countries?

Finally, is there a way that revolutionists can be stopped?

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