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How To Form A Christian Political Party?

Written by on June 20, 2020

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This will be a sequel to our program The Left’s Connection To Terrorism 
and The Dangers and Destructiveness Of Revolutions

There was a group on Twitter calling itself a Christian Party and wanting to follow the model of the GOP and Democrat Party, and they reached out to me because of my ancestry, and I proposed we used the same policies that St. King Louis IX used to rule France Justly, which even the good protesters of the French Revolution mentioned and wanted a King like St. King Louis IX to return.  These people I proposed this idea to, hated it and wanted to be something similar to the mess of the GOP and Democrat Party.

Was America Founded As A Christian Nation?

If America was not founded as a Christian Nation, why is it important to make America into a Christian Nation?

Should Christianity be involved with Politics?  What was that letter of Thomas Jefferson about where we get the phrase, “Separation Of Church and State” all about and should Religion be separate from Politics?

Why Christianity should not be separate from affairs of state or any form of politics?

Why is it important for Christians to take an active role in Politics to form the nation into a God Fearing Christian Nation?

Reshaping America Into A Christian Nation
When it comes to power in the local, state and federal, what changes should a Christian Party make?

Different Christian Schools Of Thought, Which Ones Teach and Propose A Good Moral and Just Order To Govern With?

Now, we must consider what is out there with our Protestant Brothers and Sisters, even among certain Catholics, a Christian Zionism, Br. Andre Marie did a great show with Robert Sungenis, ‘The Oxymoron of ‘Catholic Zionism
He, Robert Sungenis did a great article on it, ‘Catholic Zionism’ Contradiction In Terms, first what is this “Christian Zionism” and why it is truly not a Christian Idea?

Then, how is it not compatible to how Christians should govern if they are to truly be a Christian Government and leaders?

How would a Christian Party truly help those in the slums or ghettos rise up out of that mess, get proper education, proper pay and an honest days work?

How would a Christian Party undo the current Supreme Court unjust ruilings regarding companies cannot fire those who are LGBTQ and how would a Christian Party protect these businesses from the LGBTQ Mob attacks?

How would, if a Christian Party was in all 50 States, in the two Houses Of Government, plus Christian Party Judges to the Supreme Court and a Christian Party President and VP, end all forms of Abortion, Contraception, Pornography, and restore all the old laws to keep obscene things off the airwaves, in print, video, etc?

Then do as Poland has done, Crown and Proclaim Christ as King and Mary as Queen over all These United States, and proclaim through Congress, Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman!

Next Deals With Security and Wars

All administrations are involved in long campaigns of war around the world for years, what should a Christian Party look like regarding wars and how to enter them or avoid them or how to stop them?

All this talk about Prison Reform, Police Reforms, even the abolishing of the Police and Prisons, as Christians, we believe in Just Punishment and even the Death Penalty, so many Catholics even Protestants and Orthodox believe the modern teaching of rejecting the Death Penalty, but the Church has taught it is okay since the beginning, what should a Christian Party stance be on all of these issues?

How should a Christian Party end the drug war and all gang wars on the streets across the nation?

Regarding ANTIFA and BLM and other Anarchist, Marxist , Communist groups that is destroying cities and monuments, how would the Christian Party restore order and remove each and every single one off the street and would a Christian Party go after those funding these revolutionaries?

Statue Image Of Saint King Louis IX is by Larry Johnson who uploaded it to Flickr and it is allowed to be used by Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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