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From The American Prospect by Paul Berman December 29th 2001, Terror and Liberalism 

From American Thinker by E.W. Jackson July 15th 2018: ‘The Racist Left

From Townhall.com by Jack Kerwick September 12th 2017 ‘Antifa, Anti-Americanism, The Left, and the Democrat Party‘

From The Atlantic by Peter Beinart September 2017, ‘The Rise Of Antifa: The Rise Of The Militant Left’ 

From Townhall.com by Ben Shapiro July 26th 2017, ‘Why The Left Protects Islam

The Questions I will be asking

  1. Has the Left Wing Governments & Elites Always Supported Evil?
  2. When Do we see the first ever Left Wing Government & Elites begin to start to join up with terrorist groups?

3. What do these Liberal Elites and Liberal Politicians Get From Supporting These Well Known Terrorist Organizations?

4. How was the connection made been the Original ANTIFA Organization in Nazis Germany and the Leftist Government made to the current leftist governments and elites connection to the modern day ANTIFA organization?

5. Finally, has there been a constant hate to Christianity within the left, even though many say they are Catholics or Protestants?

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