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Who Is Father Malachi Martin?

Written by on June 9, 2020

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A very interesting man and priest, many in the Traditional Catholic Circles recommend him and I am working through his huge and serious work, Windswept House, and I need to return to it and keep reading, even though some of it I had to put down due to how evil the parts of the clergy is in the book.  I do not know much about this man and listening to The Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network with Marianna Bartold on Our Lady Of Fatima, they mentioned this priest and how he saw the full third secret and so while I was off of Radio and thinking on new shows when I return, one had to be on this Priest and who he is, did he remain a Priest or why did he toss off his clerics and wear lay clothing and what is his relationship to the Message Of Fatima?

The Official Father Malachi Martin Website

Father Malachi Martin’s Interview With Br. Francis

I must be fair and share the negative websites on Fr. Martin and ask the tough questions, did he ever try to break up a marriage?  Did he cause a wife to leave her husband to be with him?  Why did he stop wearing the clothes of the Priest for a lay man?

From Paleoorthodoxy The Truth About Malachi Martin

This program is to learn the truth and who is Malachi Martin and if he is a priest or did he leave the Priesthood.  I’m not about sugar coating things, but digging for the truth and finding the truth.

Let us begin to ask our normal interview questions, Who Is Father Malachi Martin?

Was Father Malachi Martin a exorcist?

What is his relationship to the message of Fatima? Did he actually see the full third message and hear it read by a Portuguese Cardinal in the Vatican?

Do you know what it said or supposedly say?

Let us move onto his book Windswept House, I am at the point where it speaks of the sexual assaults and other demonic rituals that happened in North Carolina, why did he write this book?  The reason for me on why I stopped reading it, was these detailed rituals, how did he know what actually happened if he was in Rome?

Is this place where then would be Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago did his dark rituals?

with these dark topics and him talking on Exorcism, who is this Art Bell he always went to speak on his shows?

At what point did Fr. Malachi Martin request to leave The Society Of Jesus?  At this time did he remain a priest or did he join many of the priests who left the Jesuits and put on lay clothing?

There are stories on the internet that he requested to be released from his vows as a Priest to marry, did he remain a Priest and take a wife or did he become a lay man to marry?

See First Paleoorthodoxy link on The Truth About Fr. Malachi Martin 
Then Triumph Communications House Of Sand: The Defense Of Father Malachi Martin

Who is correct and how do we know the truth about this man?

Let us finally get to how he died.

It is said he was murdered, is this true?  New York Post ‘Exorcist’ priest died after ‘possessed’ child spoke to him 

Last question, after all of this information, what is your opinion about Father Malachi Martin?

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  1. tom   On   February 18, 2021 at 7:13 am

    Although Malachi Martin had his faults and failings he did popularise through Art Bells radio show an area of spiritual well being that had been largly neglected by the mainstream Church. This neglect is something the brother mentions in a different context but in a similar way shows agreement with Malachi and his regret over the strategic direction of the Church in fundamental aspects of doctrine , e.g. what would he make of the pandemic following as it did shortly after the veneration of idols (pachamama) at the Vatican in 2019 ?

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