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I will read from John Quincy Adams’ Diary

While America was still free and under the Articles Of Confederations, the States were in control, in 1784 George Hammond and his counter parts in Britain grumbled about this, in 1787 the Masons have taken control of America giving us the problems we have today.

In 1794, George Hammond now diplomat to the United States, while in Britain, sits down with John Quincy Adams & somewhat says their plans; which Cecil Rhodes & his secret organization will do in 1891, to take back America into British Empire. In 1796 Rothschilds take over the UK

I don’t know how to prove it just yet, but I believe what was in the works with the Rothschilds and those who would be part of Cecil Rhode’s secret society; today The Pilgrim Society; was revenge for us beating & separating for a time from the British Empire.

And if, John Adams; our Second President gave the okay to Alexander Hamilton; who was in charge of the entire military, to rescue the Catholic Crown Of France; that would of been a second defeat to the Rothschilds, which would make them even more upset & humiliated.

But, Adams didn’t give the okay and we have a secular and Masonic France today ran by the Rothschilds.

How The Rothschilds Are Connected To Oxford and Cecil Rhodes

The Secret Elite & the Origins of the New World Order by Jim MacGregor & Gerry Docherty

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More On George Hammond

To Learn About What Cecil Rhodes Did, Watch The World War One Conspiracy


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