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King Hugh Of Capet, Who Is He and What About His Dynasty?

Written by on June 15, 2020

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There are many on Twitter and Facebook who swear praise of the House of Bourbon and forgetting there are still family members of the Capet Dynasty alive, directly related to King Hugh Of Capet and that means there are other choices for the throne of France when it happens, if God Wills it!

So, who is someone still directly related to King Hugh Of Capet? Me, his 45th Great Grandson, and boy every time the bourbon crazies go nuts, it drives me nuts, like King Hugh Of Capet never existed and it was he who started the dynasty which the bourbons married into. Sure we are at a pause since the French Revolution when my family members were murdered or in Catholic terms, Martyred, but we are still here, but not in France but in America, actually on French Land before the Louisiana Purchase, Kansas.

I want to find some information and do a show on my great grandfather and the French Monarchy and Monarchy in general.

Who Is King Hugh Of Capet?  Catholic Encyclopedia: Hugh Of Capet

Who was his father?

Who was his sister?

Who was his wife?

Who were his children?

What is the Dynasty started by Hugh? and how long did this dynasty go on for?

King Hugh Of Capet supported the Cluny Reforms, what were those reforms?

A term I heard the other day, “Divine Right Of Kings” what does this mean and where does this teaching or belief come from?  Is it a Catholic Belief?

What is a Monarchy?

The book by Tim Gordon, Catholic Republic, he says a republic is a better form of government than a Monarchy due to how we can remove leaders who become tyrant like, but it is not that easy to do when a bad King is on the throne and becomes a Tyrant.

Is the Republic a better form of Government?

Now, why when it is a certain time of the month, the people who are called Monarchist, come out of the wood work and support Louis Bourbon and forget or do they truly forget this man is not the only person in line for the throne of France?

What is their obsession with him?

Any thing else we should touch on?

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