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The Dangers Of Group Think and How Did Group Think Start?

Written by on July 1, 2020

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Right now, there are two classes of Group Think, go against either one, you are attacked.

The Never Trumpers or the MAGA Faithful.  Rightly and justly criticize certain things President Trump is doing poorly, you get called a Never Trumper by everyone, even though you voted For Trump or never criticize Trump, you are called a MAGA Faithful.

It is awful among Catholics as well, If you want to just be a Catholic, faithful to the 2000 year teaching authority of the Church, the Fathers of the Church and Doctors of the Church, but attend the Ordinary Form, oh here comes the Trad Group Thinkers calling the Ordinary Form evil, Invalid and all other terms.

How Is Groupthink Used in Religion?

So, what is Groupthink?

Who termed it Groupthink & how has it been dangerous?

Is it part the CIA MK Ultra Program?

When people are in this groupthink bubble, how is it they cannot see truth or think for themselves?

It seems like Groupthink is something like that of a cult mentality, is it a cult?

It seems to be connected to Political Correctness, what is Political Correctness?

Let me read to you a piece by Judith Bergman at Gatestone Institute, ‘The Corporate Thought Police

What is Thought Police and how is it connected to Groupthink?

How Is Narrative Control In Politics Part Of Groupthink?

How does one free society from such a dangerous mind control program such as groupthink?

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