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Update On Terrorism Around The World

Written by on June 27, 2020

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Next week, starting on Monday at 7:40 to 9:40 AM and it will be a weekly thing, we will go through news I am following from India, Middle East, even more on ANTIFA and BLM and give you the listeners an update on all of the Terrorism Related Stories Not Being Covered.

We are being lied to or not told at all, ISIS is still around and still a good size threat in Iraq and Syria, from Con Coughlin at Gatestone Institute ‘ISIS Terrorists Cannot Be Allowed To Reclaim Iraq’

If you are on Twitter, Follow Dwain Jude D’Silva us and you will get amazing news no one covers at the moment it happens, especially about the war between China and India, the attacks by Turkey in Syria, amazing news.



From Vijeta Uniyal China’s Undeclared War On India From Gatestone Institute 

Then back onto Islamic Terrorism ‘Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic’ by Uzay Bulut

“32,000 Christians Butchered” ‘The Christian Persecution of May 2020″ by Raymond Ibrahim

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