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What Is Real Christian Manhood?

Written by on June 27, 2020

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On Tuesday, we will cover what actually is authentic Christian Manhood, it has nothing to do with smoking a pipe, smoking a cigar, drinking scotch or bourbon, dressing like you are in the 1950s or looking buff or chiseled.

What is true Christian Masculinity?  When did the Age Of True Christian Masculinity actually start?

Back in the Age Of Chivalry.

I want to go over about these pretenders, sure they are great guys or seem to be, but they miss the mark in a huge way.

Who is Trad Inc and what is their fixation on the 1950s man thinking it was the time for True Masculinity?

The Virtues Of Knights Have Been Forgotten

Why have these pretenders turned a blind eye onto the virtues of what made a Catholic Knight and what shown true Christian Masculinity and why have they turned a blind eye on the greatest period of Christian Manhood ever, the Medieval Era?

Let us go through these virtues and how we can still live them to this very day.

Then there are 5 Virtues Of Chivalry, and great job for another show for covering them, ‘The Catholic Man Show


Before we cover these, What Was The Age Of Chivalry? I heard back in middle school; 6th to 8th grade, “Chivalry has died”, has it died or has it been removed from being taught by Catholics?

These two sets of Christian Virtues, one for Knighthood and one for Chivalry is what is true Christian Masculinity.

Why does this new form of Christian Masculinity focus so much on outward appearance of clothing, body shape, accessories such as cigars or pipes, what you drink, etc, and less on these things from the Medieval Era?

Read Online by Geoffrey Of Monmouth History Of English Kings

Listen To Part One Geoffrey Of Monmouth History Of English Kings 

How does the Catholic Knights Of Old Put Modern Catholic Manhood To Shame?
Give some examples

I know, if the Knights were around today, heard my voice and call to join and support Ordo Militaris Catholicus with funds, they would do it, 1 because they are better Catholics than we seem to find today and 2. It would be an order by a Great Grandson or Great Nephew of the Kings they served back then and would drop everything to come do what is needed again today.

Now, Catholics today, even those who are Monarchists, don’t even flinch, except a few.  Sad times we live in today.

How do we Catholics restore this true Masculinity back today?

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  1. darren   On   January 31, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    Another great show and message for people to reflect on. hopefully i can try to become a better human in my life i will try harder.thank-you.

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