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We all know our only Catholic President was no altar boy, he served with valor and bravery in saving his crew of PT-109 in the Pacific Theater in World War Two with a broken back; which would never properly heal.  Then the rumors of him cheating on Jackie, the First Lady.  But, I hope and pray the day before or day of that fateful November Morning that he went to Confession and received the Sacraments.

His murder has asked so many questions and we all know the official record points to one Lee Harvey Oswald and we are told to believe it or as the CIA coined the term during the investigation, “conspiracy theory” to stop anyone from looking for the truth.

I have found, in our programs with Operation Gladio and everything going on with the Vatican and the CIA, plus everything going on with Skull and Bones, and how JFK was about to clean house of the CIA before he was killed, same reason we believe John Paul I was killed, because he learned of the CIA/Vatican Bank Scandal and was about to stop it.

We will hopefully begin to give our Catholic President Justice in this program and open your eyes.

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Then this 20 page report by Professor Peter Dale Scott
Deep Events and the CIA’s Global Drug Connection


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  1. Elizabeth A. Gorny   On   December 1, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    Dear AJ and brother B.,
    I look forward to every episode and I am grateful that you are using the talents God has given you.
    Most gratefully,
    Elizabeth Gorny

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