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The Role Of Israel In The Armenian Genocide 2023 

 New Total Of Forcibly Displaced Citizens Of Artsakh



Update On Burn Victims 

Update On Missing People From The Border Villages Of Artsakh 

The Toil Of The Travel To Armenia 

US House and Senate Call On Joe Biden To Sanction Azerbaijan and Aliyev 

More From Anonymous 

Presidential Decree By The President Of Artsakh 

Yerevan Unleashes The Greyhound Fleet Of Buses To Help Artsakh Citizens 

More From Pro Turk Hungary 

Canada and Azerbaijan Partnership 

Azerbaijan and Russian PeaceKeepers

Video Of The Forcibly Displaced Citizens Of Artsakh Entering Armenia 

1000 Displaced Citizens Of Artsakh Arrive and Register Per Hour 

Destruction Of Property In Artsakh

Proof Armenians Being Forcibly Removed From Artsakh Via Gun Point

Canada Is Doing Something

Personal Testimony Of Brutal Crimes Against Humanity By Azerbaijan Against The Citizens Of Artsakh 



We Will Be Reviewing Each Of These Organizations Each Show 

We are looking for viewer feedback about charitable organizations in Armenia

1) Do they have a page dedicated to a special fund for these refugees?

2) Do they have armenians on their staff?

3) Do they not have Pashiyan supporters in their organization?

4) have they a history of helping Artsakh?

5) Do they avoid using banks controlled by Rothschilds?

6) Do they avoid using payment processors owned or run by Jews or Turks or Russians?

7) Are they a christian org?

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