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Learn about the great Polish King and Hero Of Christendom, King Jon III Sobieski Read more
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On Sunday is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel, come learn about Read more
We covered the Modern History Of Islamic Terrorism and the greatest one of all, The Read more
On Friday, we go through the History Of Islamic Terrorism Read more
We will learn about the downfall of Scotland, the spread of Calvinism, and the truth Read more
Time for an investigation show, learn what is going on with this Traditionalist Movement inside Read more
We learn about President Theodore Roosevelt and hear his speeches once again! Read more
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Learn about the Great Doctor Of The Church and Franciscan Theologian Directly From His Home Read more
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MAJOR UPDATE ON STORY     #BREAKING IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency released this video, stating Read more
Learn about Saint Casimir and why he is a perfect Saint for this new cause Read more
In the first hour on Wednesday we discuss the problems of modern seminary and then Read more
Next Tuesday, we will look at what is Ordo Militaris Catholicus in the first hour Read more
We learn of the growing terrorism threat in Europe and about investing with Ordo Militaris Read more
Learn about the brave and forgotten Catholic Warriors Of France during the French Revolution, and Read more
Watch Today's Show Listen To Today's Show, which was banned by Mixcloud upon uploading. Watch Read more
We will learn how Stalin using his agents, including Bella Dodd, to infiltrate the Catholic Read more
Next Wednesday Show: Who Is Major General George Washington, Did He See Our Lady At Read more
Watch The Show Listen To The Show Right now, there are two classes of Group Read more
We again bring you each Monday updates on Terrorism and Christian Persecution News Stories Not Read more
Kansas Governor Signs Emergency Executive Order For State Wide Masks Truth About Wearing Masks Mandatory Read more
We knew somethings about inflitration by the Communists under Stallin after World War Two and Read more
On Thursday, we will go through the events at Fatima, the messages, the secrets; then Read more
Watch Today's Show Listen To Today's Show By viewer request and we touched upon it Read more
Listen Today's Show Watch Today's Show On Tuesday, we will cover what actually is authentic Read more
We go back to our roots and begin to cover stories no one, except a Read more
My dear viewers and soon to be listeners, I urge you if you can, get Read more
Who is Black Lives Matter, who is their co-founder Patrisse Cullors and what did she Read more
  In this video we discuss a Dr. Reisinger who knows the woman with Pope Read more
Listen To The Show This will be a sequel to our program The Left's Connection Read more
  This video we go through the history of the Police in the English Speaking Read more


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