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‘Murder is murder’: Taylor Marshall calls for complete ban on abortion

We will go through who Dr. Taylor Marshall is, then we will dish out fraternal correction & help him to understand what he needs to properly run for the White House.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Kevin   On   May 17, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    At last someone has identified a problem that is particularly toxic on social media, but also in the real world, Catholic on Catholic infighting. It’s almost a snobbery. But it’s also childlike at the same time. “My Mass is better than your Mass” is like something from the school playground. If only we could all come together like the great Catholics from history and fight under the same banner against those that have oppressed and infiltrated the Church, what a force we could be. What’s our other options? Do nothing or continue to argue with our fellow brothers in Christ about what Mass has the lesser globalist influence? I’m not American but If I was I would be happy to vote for TM as a Catholic President under a Christian Banner like the Catholic Party. Thank you both for another great video as it has got me thinking about my own duties as a Catholic and what we can do to fight back. God Bless you

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