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Watch The Original

Watch On Rumble

Watch On Odysee

MSN News Report On The Mall Attack

Report On The Shooter With Details

For Our European Audience, Here Is A PDF Version Report On The Shooter

WFAA Report On The Shooter In PDF, WFAA Is Blocked In Europe

Shooter Might Have Ties To The 72nd Brigade For Special Operations, well the Cathedral is named after St. Sava and the Patron Saint of the Brigade is St. Sava

Did he decide to attack a shopping mall because of the Drone Attack On The Kremlin?

Was he a Sleeper Agent for Russia, who still has sleeper agents in the U.S. since 2010?

Also The Mag Holder is not typical the American Style, only being used in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Forces and Russians.

This image can only be found by the Daily Mail, but when it was first released by a witness on Twitter, the face was not puffy nor the skin darkened, it was white.

The Authorities Put The Blame On A 33 Year Old Hispanic: Why Is This Impossible? Because to get a Police Job in Texas, you have to know Spanish.

But moments later, it returns to being connected to Croatian Serbs, many are known to have joined Neo-Nazi Groups in Croatia.

Learn About Dr. Delgado

Learn About Project MK Ultra

Also Watch This Video, Not For Kids

Images Of The Flag Of Texas and Serbia Are Public Domain

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