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Please See Episode 1: How To Recognize The Antichrist

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In Episode 2, we will talk about the modern age, the rise of paganism again and the Masonic Lodge has setup society for the coming of the Antichrist & we will quote from Fr. Miceli’s book as well.

Father Vincent P. Miceli’s book has been re-published,
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  1. Robbi   On   May 4, 2023 at 11:30 am

    How can anybody be seduced by the disgusting filth; the abominations, murder and theft, attacks upon the innocence of children following today’s miraculous survival of the womb; not to mention those torturing/raping babies and children to drink their Adrenochrom-laced blood or tear them apart with their teeth as they scream. My God, forgive us…How is it possible to even know of such evil…Let alone to perpetrate it. The ‘Royal Institute’s International Foreign Affairs Committee of 300’; or ‘The Rome Club’/Freemasons is that behind this HORROR which was the origin, support and financiers of Socialism, Fascism, Communism as well as Eugenics; ALL WHICH MIRROR MONARCHY BENEATH THE GAS-LIGHTING OF THEIR CHARADE LASTING MILLENIA AS THEY MOST CERTAINLY WERE NOT CHOSEN TO RULE BY GOD. There is NO right or left…Except as symbols of God or the devil. It’s all been smoke and mirrors where GOD WAS THE ONLY REALITY AS GOD INDEED ALWAYS IS and WILL BE THE ONLY TRUTH/REALITY UP TO THE END OF THIS AGE ON EARTH. Relativism is total BUNK…It’s the origin of CONFUSION. DIDN’T REALLY EVER GO FOR THE OCCULT…GUESS GOD PROTECTED ME EVEN AS I VENTURED INTO INTELLECTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF SO MUCH EVIL.

    Until today, it’s been impossible to begin to comprehend women NOT repentant about murder in the womb. Torturing, raping, eating them alive and drinking their blood; Murdering children? The whole evil situation of this current time you report makes me cry and it wakes me in the night as it’s worse than the worst dystopian nightmare. Through your work and this report; we now know the name responsible for this putrid, ‘Child Sacrifice’ mentality of celebrating murder of innocent babies and children. While most, if not all have heard the name Molech, it’s never been a name of any demon/god associated with common information. Never heard of Baphomet until Elon Musk’s Halloween Costume after that abomination at Cern’s Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony. Wasn’t aware particular Molech demon’s bailiwick to be ‘Baby/Child Sacrifice/MURDER’ and am thankful for your information for all this CRAZINESS MORTAL SIN making no logical sense in this modern time.
    It isn’t necessarily great to speak of the horrific and yet this series is SO-O-O Good it requires repeating more than once…Wonderful to have the information providing information not commonly known or even ALLOWED TO BE MENTIONED IN THIS AGE.

    Would love more information about the names of ancient evils and how the names are associated to particular sin…Like Molech with Child Sacrifice. It’s a help to know what to pray AGAINST in empowering God’s forces during intercession in the Middle of the Night when awakened and knowing the Holy Spirit is requiring prayer. It helps many of we more cerebral types when things make sense and we have words to express logic for the illogical.

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