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In this program, we will look at what Peter Pence is used for.  We are told it is the funds of the Pope to use it as he sees fit, we know Bergoglio uses it for anti-Catholic things, but what is Peter Pence and what is it there for really?  Then we will look at the black hole created to cover up how Peter Pence is used for illegal things & finally, we will look at how some Cardinals, including Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone took money from a children hospital to pay for his apartment upgrades & finish up how Peter Pence is also used in making of Saints.

The Vatican’s Financial Empire, in Charts by Kevin Roose

Peter’s Pence Probe?

Cardinal Bertone’s Sins Against Children

A Landmark Fraud And Corruption Trial Opens At The Vatican

Lawsuit charges USCCB misled Catholics about Peter’s Pence collection


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