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Ladies and Gentlemen, Here Is Part Three, Finally & I hope many more to come. 

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Yeah, John Paul II went out secretly

Chi è Mario Meneguzzi: cosa sappiamo dello zio di Emanuela che fu pedinato dalla polizia. I legami con i servizi segreti

In Part One, we covered her disappearance, kidnapping and the people behind it that we knew thanks to the book Operation Gladio.

Archbishop Paul Marcinkus

Enrico De Pedis

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Reader's opinions
  1. John Bugnolo   On   July 24, 2023 at 7:44 am

    Excellent Video. The Italian Secret police must have been tipped off that JP II was involved in child abduction. But, were made to follow the International Terrorism lead by JP II due to the attempted assassination by Ağca in 1981.

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