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“Warning, if you watch this video by Rumble, your ip data will be taken by other channels when they autoplay another program after the one by OMC Radio TV.  Rumble is violating GRPR the European law on privacy.  Which does not allow them to show other videos on your page, where your GDPR notifies your viewers regarding your videos and not others.”

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Please Watch Our First Program On Bernardino Nogara

In this program, we will be covering in extensive detail Bernardino Nogara and why Pope Pius XI selected him to run the finances of the Vatican and what he & Pius XII did and all the investment deals the Vatican did and all the properties they owned or still might own & why the Vatican is hiding from us how much they really have, 300 Billion Dollars?


Lausanne Project: Bernardino Nogara

Photographs from the Ottoman Empire: Bernardino Nogara and the mines of the Near East (1900–1915)

This Report Does Not Tell The Truth, We Will Get Into It: Financial history (III): Bernardino Nogara, the first layman in charge of the gold of San Pedro

We Will Be Using This Book



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