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Two Bombshell Reports In The Making

Waiting For David Wemhoff Reply & Information For First Bombshell Report

The Institution Of Fraudulent Cases For Canonization

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This Program, is the disappearance of the real Sr. Lucia in 1947 and first public appearance of the fake in 1960 during the CIA Controlled Second Vatican Council and during Operation Gladio.  The messages of the fake Sr. Lucia also goes with the doctrinal warfare program. We are still searching for more information, but what I’ve found so far:


Look at the two images in the tweet just embedded, the fake sister lucy has a twinge of Asian in her face.  Now, how could the Fake Sister Lucy be Asian and also from Portugal? Luso-Asians are from Southeast Asia who made their home in Portugal.


The CIA removed President Americo Tomas for Antonio Ramalho Eanes, because of his connection to Cuba

via their own document, click to read on the Internet Archive 

They were also active in Europe and in Portugal, even though it is not listed on the wikipedia article for the CIA founded/funded organization Congress For Cultural Freedom

Just recently in 2020 and back in 2016, they had conferences in Portugal.

In the interview, the people at Sister Lucy Truth, they found out where the fake one is from via her voice, the fake sister lucy is found to be from a city 100 miles to the north from Fatima.


The town of Pampilhosa is the center point of the last of the real sister lucia life.

Vilar is where Sister Lucia joins Sisters of St. Dorothy



It was reported that the real sister Lucia was dying from Pleurisy

The Fake Statements Of The Fake Lucia Promoted The Doctrinal Warfare Program Of Vatican II and John Courtney Murray

Tragic Disappearance of the Real Sister Lucy dos Santos Foretold to Jacinta, Right Before She Died, by the Blessed Virgin Mary. Contrary to being Safely Stowed in a Convent, Sister Lucy’s Life was Always Under Threat.

Giovanni Panico

Maximilian von Fürstenberg

Learn How The U.S. Government Declared War On The Church

Architect Of The U.S. War On The Catholic Church

Did You Know, In 1953 The USA Declared War On The Catholic Church?

The Men Behind Vatican II & Firing General Douglas MacArthur


See Our Shows On Operation Gladio and Vatican II

John XXIII Connection To The Rothschilds and why the fake Lucy Pro Israel and Pro Jewish comments in her first of second interviews might be Rothschild connected.

Rothschilds has an Investment Advisory Firm In Lisbon Portugal

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