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Why Disney+ should examine the parallelism between Atatürk and Hitler

Vanessa Morrison

Sean Bailey

Mehmet Ada Öztekin

Atatürk Series from Disney Plus

Gift from Istanbul. Turkish $650-million Disneyland to appear near Kazan

Sound Of Freedom Movie

Also, we will be talking on another film that Disney almost made, but received funding from 20th Century Fox, which is owned by Disney

Sound Of Freedom At The Box Office

We will discuss how important Imagery is and it can tell a lot.

In the red carpet premiere of Sound Of Freedom by Angel Studios, a lot of globalists were among the guests.

Oh, Disney is for Human Trafficking, Disney employees among 108 arrested in Florida human trafficking sting: police

Oh, Disney and the CIA worked together and he worked for the CIA

Oh, Conservative activist reveals that Disney has a MASSIVE pedophile problem

Oh, Finally, The Truth About Disney’s ‘Hidden Sexual Messages’ Revealed

“Oh, Just One More Thing” Exposing The “Keys” to Disney’s Operations and Agenda

Real Tim Ballard vs Sound Of Freedom

Some Very Awful and Questioning Things About Ballard

The Money behind Ballard’s Operations

Producer Eduardo Verástegui

Director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde

Writer Rod Barr




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Reader's opinions
  1. John   On   July 10, 2023 at 7:47 am

    Hi AJ

    Any chance you could add a podcast format? It makes it more accessible to listen to when one does not have wifi accessible.

  2. Catherine Walsh   On   July 18, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    Thank you AJ. Br. Alexis pointing out the image given on Sound of Freedom of the 2 men and a child. I saw Sound of Freedom and the man with the child is his father and the man on the right is the one who saved him. But I was awakened to the fact that having images like that, looks like what you both called two men and a child, where’s the mother. In the film there is no mother, but they don’t say why. Did she die, leave home, etc.? Then I saw Amazing Polly at amazingpolly.net. If you go on her site the podcast at the top right is called “My Take On the Sound of Freedom”. She brings out so much more as in years past she was all over this topic of child trafficking. Had not seen her in a few years and happy I came across this. Thought you and Br. Alexis would be interested in what she reveals.

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