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Please See Br. Alexis’ Amazing Article: The CIA PLAN FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CHURCH, JUNE 29, 1953 A. D.


We will discuss Chapter 3 and Chapter 33 In Volume One Of The 2nd Edition, Where This Is Put Together


Click To Read The May 5 1953 Document, Which Was Scheduled To Be Declassified on April 28 2005, but also waited for December 29 2013.



Click To Read The June 29 1953 Version Two, scheduled To Be Declassified on August 28 2000, but still waited for December 29,2013



Click To Get Volume One For $25.00

Fair Use License To Use Image Of Edward P Lilly Who Created The Documents With The Psychological Bureau Services, Image Of Lilly is By Loyola University Chicago 1937

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