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Debunking The New Lies About Ukraine and FTX

Written by on November 14, 2022

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Tomorrow, We Will Debunk The New Russian Propaganda That Has Been Released About Ukraine,
“That Ukraine was used by FTX Traders To Wash Money in Ukraine”

Jim Hoft, Editor, Creator, Of Gateway Pundit pushed this fake story on Ukraine:
Jim Hoft Got The Exclusive On Letter To Vladimir Putin and Rand Paul Visit
Jim Hoft Is In The Middle Of Possible Pedophile Cult and Minor He Met and Wooed Back To The States From The Philippines

Others Pushing This Fake Story
Benny Johnson: Known Serial Plagiarizer, Worked For Skull & Bones Magazine National Review and Moved To Newsmax which is the English Source Of Russian Propaganda

Also Benny Johnson worked for The Daily Caller, Started By Tucker Carlson and Roommate Neil Patel at Trinity College Connecticut

Then Last Night, Another Alumni From Trinity College Connecticut, Jesse Waters

What Is The Truth About The FTX Boss Regarding The Sanctions Against Russia?

He Was Against The Sanctions On Russia

Did He Stop The Sanctioned Russians From Trading On FTX?

Not Really, he blocked the Sanctioned Russians, but left those who were not Sanctioned to keep trading on FTX, so the Sanctioned, could use a secondary way to keep Trading On FTX

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