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We will get into the feast day of All Souls Day and Then On Sunday, All Saints Day and how it differs from Halloween and everything else.

I Praise and Thank Robert Bąkiewicz for starting the Polish National Guard and He Must Form A Private Security Company and a Political Party to beat the fake Catholic Ruling Party Of Poland! We give our commentary below

On Friday, we will learn about how this fighting within the Church began and what type of fight we have going on.

Listen To The Show On Mixcloud Watch The Program On YouTube Watch The Program On Bitchute It is time to remove the broken, corrupt, United States Secretary Of Education office. The lack of proper education in the States shows this needs a total fix.  We at The Christian Party Of America will restore the Education […]

It is time we pay more attention to Our Lord, Our Holy Mother, The Church Fathers and Doctors Of The Church and this is exactly what we will do regarding The End Of Days Topic

Thursday, We Will Get To Another Christian Party Program On Taking Down The Handlers Of The Deep State

Wednesday, we take on Big Oil With Antony C. Sutton

It is time once again to touch and go beyond that third rail and speak on how we save America from the enemy from within.

Watch Today’s Program On YouTube Watch Today’s Program On Bitchute   Listen To Today’s Program On Mixcloud ARM Ombudsman documented video/photo evidence of crimes by the AZ AF against ARM POWs. The same terroristic signature was witnessed in April 2016 when ARM SVCMN Sloyan was beheaded & elderly residents were tortured & slaughtered in their […]

On Tuesday, we will tackle Platform Policies For Kansas In The Christian Party Of America