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In this program, return to Fr. Vincent P. Miceli and his book The Antichrist, to understand the hatred many are feeling and receiving from so called Christians of all sorts.

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  1. Robbi   On   April 15, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    Have a friend from Ukraine with parents and family remaining in Ukraine. They have a farm and have had to kill all their steers to make beef for the Armed Forces fighting. They don’t know how they’re going to begin another herd when this war is done. They don’t know how they’re going to harvest the wheat this year or plant the crops this year for the fall. Virtually EVERY Ukrainian is SUPPORTIVE of the Govt… Inclusive of those speaking Russian in the East. They supported Ukraine and considered themselves Ukrainian even though they speak Russian and always did.
    Many Russians OPPOSE this war and don’t wish to fight.
    There is an UNDERGROUND Railroad active with thousands of Russian Soldiers refusing to fight. The Ukrainians are helping them to get to Kyiv to join Ukraine’s Armed Forces or to work voluntarily for some agency. They are afraid to go home as they’ll be killed for desertion though they never signed-up for war.
    Putin has redefined ‘Nazi’ to be synonymous with ‘Ukrainian’…Having NO RELATION to Hitler’s Germany. He is re-defining words as the Democrat Party has become accustomed to doing in these last 14 years since the OBiden’s first entered the Oval Office.
    She speaks with her family every week; when possible. They are doing well and are amazed at how unified the country has become…EVERYONE is supportive of the fight even though many are dying. There is nobody remaining in the country who has not lost someone close. They pray and know God is with them and it is God who is their greatest support. They know NOTHING of the bio-labs, real Nazis or corruption they’re now hearing about concerning their govt.
    Just letting you know so you can better argue and oppose those supporting the Russians when they are clueless to know what they’re supporting.

  2. Giovanni Giuseppe   On   April 16, 2022 at 1:29 pm

    Robbi’s post is awesome! Thank you. I feel strengthened. I have friends in Hungary who are very conflicted. The only way is God’s way. Trusting that Russian soldiers are resisting and changing sides is welcome news. I do think we need to keep in mind Br. Alexis’ theory and keep in constant prayer.

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