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Especially to the heartless and soulless people who are controlled by Russian Propaganda and who are afraid.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Giovanni Giuseppe   On   April 15, 2022 at 10:15 pm

    AJ, great piece. I liked the heat, heart, and healthy approach. It is good to remind us of the priest and his martyrdom. Shouldnt we ask for his intercession, maybe at the end before Deus Vult? I think a lot of us are afraid. It might help to be specific about how non-military can help: who, where, what, how long, how. I saw “up to 60 years old” I think. If people can’t begin to imagine serving, it makes it hard to want to contact OMC. Perhaps an updated FAQ and an Objection and Response page for the critics. They only want to bring down moral and defects. I really liked the newly publicized contract and description. That helps. Maybe certain talking points could be integrated and repeatedly. Have you ever thought of reaching out to interview any people, either in or outside of the US? Also, is there anyway to reach out in Portuguese or do an interview with a Potuguese speaker? If I comprehend well, Portughuese is the most used language in Google searched. It could prompt some new topics and connections. A show idea could be to have a Portugiese speaker in English explain what it means that the Faith will be preserved in Portugal

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