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Christian Party

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We Continue To Talk On The Policies and Platforms Of The Christian Party Of America

Come Listen and Watch Today’s Program

On September 29th, we will do a very important show, which will begin a topic that we will pick up again on October 31st.

Tune in tomorrow to hear our commentary about what is being taught in the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and the Hallowed Halls Of West Point

Saturday, September 19th 2020, we will look at if Catholics can truly be preppers

Thursday, September 17th 2020, we will do a show on the 3 Days Of Darkness, examine it and tell you what we think.

Next Monday’s Terrorism Update

Tuesday, September 8th, we will continue talking policies and platform ideas to restore America and bring the country back to Christ, also how to make this idea a true reality.

Wednesday, September 8th, we will tell you of the early years and early military career of Robert E. Lee.

Tuesday, September 8th, we are revisiting one of the most popular shows that Ordo Militaris Radio TV has done on the Antichrist and this time will add information by an expert, Father Vincent Miceli.