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Some Of Our Research On The Area

American civilians in Saigon 1963: U.S. still making war to negate peace efforts


Vietnam, Part 1

Private Military Contractors in Vietnam

List Of Officers of the department of state

Memoirs Of U. Alexis Johnson

The lawyer to defend Kimball, Major John M. Rankin

Case File 1

Case File 2

Law At War: Vietnam

Kimball was stationed at Bien Hoa Air Base with the Green Beret there.

Beer In Vietnam

Info On All The Beer

Vietnamese Beer

Gun Of The OSS, Colt Commando 38 Special Revolver

or Smith and Wesson snub nose 38 special 7 shot.

The Motorcycles: Honda Super Cub (50) 1 Gallon tank under the seat, with a range of 100 miles per gallon.

Those Involved Of The Murder:

A. Hugh Douglas Jr. Consul Of U.S. Embassy In Saigon

Colonel now Major General George S. Prugh Jr.

Secretary Of State Dean Rusk

W. Averell Harriman

The Untold Story of My Lai: How and Why the Official Investigation Covered Up General Westmoreland’s Responsibility,WESTMORELAND REVEALS DETAILS OF HIS LIBEL CASE

We made a PDF Of Report From The New York Times
Finally My Distant Cousin, General Douglas MacArthur
Along with Jack, we will tell you why their suspicious deaths might be linked with Jack’s murder & why it is connected to General Westmoreland

UPDATE: We Will Be Doing A Follow Up Program

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Reader's opinions
  1. Catherine Walsh   On   March 2, 2023 at 7:14 pm

    Thank you so much for all your work in exposing what happened to Jack Ryan this from the book by Daniel P. Sullivan, “The Murder of the Real Jack Ryan.” Even though I read the book, you made certain parts I missed or skimmed over really come alive. One part that struck me in this book was the day that Jack was back from his trip (that night he would be killed), and Mr. Broder, who worked for Jack and was not in the good graces of Mr. Engle, but very much appreciated by Jack, was approached in the cafeteria by Kimball, who he only knew to say “hello” to. Kimball asks to sit with him and proceeds to tell him about this affair he was having for a long time with this Vietnamese woman and was afraid that Jack was moving in on his territory with her. I never believed that – no man goes to another man he hardly know to relay all this unless he is setting up the situation for what will happen later. That’s why I believe nothing happened between Jack and this woman as it was planted. The only two people who could answer this question are silenced on this side of the grass forever. I believe Engle played a big role in this, too. And God bless George, his brother, for all he uncovered in Saigon instead of being at his brother’s funeral. I was so moved by that and all he found out, especially how the Vietnamese woman, who was shot in the back and fell forward, was dragged back on the lawn face up and then shot in the chest twice to keep with Kimball’s story. Thank you again — It is a tragedy beyond measure, especially for his family, but what an upstanding man full of honesty and integrity.

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