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While we wait for Monday for the testimony and what Randy found, we will be announcing on video that we would love to have investigators to work with us and go to certain places to get documents.

As you can see, we did great putting together what we think happened with clues and information we found online.

Now, to set it in stone, we would love to keep going on Jack Ryan and help fully prove Randy right on who killed his dad, but, Br. Alexis is currently on the east coast, I’m in Kansas and home bound, but we would love to have volunteer investigative journalists or those who want to be journalists & reach out to us, so we can deep dive.

We won’t say publicly where documents are, but we know where they are, but if you want to help us cause a stir and get this case into the public square, even in the halls of congress, contact us via our comment section: We won’t publish it, but will be able to respond to you.

Let us help the Ryan Family and the Real Jack Ryan to finally get justice and answers.

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  1. Catherine Walsh   On   March 4, 2023 at 3:59 pm

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. Would love to help but do not drive. Live close to Philadelphia, so if there is anything there I can help with would be happy to do it for Randy, you and Br. A

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